All About Ramadan and Samosas Too

The Activities Coordinator at Biscot House, Runi, taught residents how to make samosas using donated ingredients, a few fresh ingredients and spices.

Before, they started cooking she set up an educational area where she talked about her culture and explained what happens during Ramadan and why Muslims celebrate it. She also provided information on the benefits of fasting.

Chicken Samosas


  • Cooking oil,
  • 2 large onions finely sliced,
  • Chilli powder,
  • Garlic powder
  • Ground turmeric,
  • Ground coriander powder
  • Ground ginger
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 7 Whole cloves
  • Whole cumin seeds
  • Salt
  • Minced chicken
  • 2 cans of chickpeas
  • Samosa sheets


Chopped onions before heating oil in a large pan. Rinse chicken mince. Add cloves, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves and fry until golden brown, then add chilli powder, Garlic powder Ground turmeric, Ground coriander powder, Ground ginger and Salt to taste.

Cook spices for 2 min before adding the chicken mince and chickpeas.

Cook for 5 min. Let the filling cool down for few minutes. Then cut the samosa sheets to wrap the samosas. Make a mixture of self-rising flour with water to seal the samosas. Fry until golden brown.

The residents helped with the opening the cans, cutting onions, cleaning and washing up.

They then enjoyed the samosas or saved them for dinner.

All residents enjoyed the activity and are looking forward to trying new recipes from around the world, perhaps with a little encouragement and guidance as well as trying to understand and learn more about different cultures. The Activities Coordinator has encouraged them to ask questions related to different cultures and be open and talk about how they are finding living in the house.