Victoria’s Blog – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is such an important day for me. I love being a woman, celebrating all women and sharing women’s success and achievements. For me, paying it forward is a core value and the power that comes from lifting and building women is incredible.

An example of this is that today I chose to write a letter to a woman named Lindsey, she gave me a chance, gave me an opportunity to come into a line of work that built in me a passion and path I would never have imagined for myself. What she did not realise is that the 20-year-old woman sat in front of her was (and still is) a victim and survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault. A woman that did not know what journey lay ahead of her but knew that she didn’t want that abuse to own her. I remember my interview so clearly, the voice in my head telling me I was a fool to try for this, hoping my inexperience didn’t show through and just so scared to put myself out there. I was young, defensive and no doubt a bit of a nightmare to manage at the time, but she embraced this and her faith in what I could achieve gave me such confidence. I still heed her advice and find it astonishing that I am where I am a fair few years later thanks to the work I put in and my colleagues, teams, leaders, and other professionals around me. Incredibly she probably doesn’t even realise the inspiration and strength she provided so that’s why I wrote to her. I want to celebrate and thank her for what she gave me. It was priceless and came at a time when I was truly lost and needed direction, guidance, and a chance to feel safe and positive in my voice. I am not perfect, and I haven’t always made the right choices, but I try, I try endlessly to change the narrative and do what I can.

My voice is one among so many, each as vital as the next. Together we strive to support women who have endured indescribable abuse, disadvantage, and trauma. It may not always feel like it but the trusted relationships we have does make change happen. It may make people uncomfortable but that’s okay, it’s needed to shine a spotlight and give a chance for transformation. Together we can ensure that not just today but every day we strive to hear, share, and champion the voices of all women.