Liridona’s Blog – Equinox Lewisham

My name is Liridona Ahmeti, but you can call me Liri. I am the new Activities Coordinator at SIG Equinox Lewisham.

I take the lead on Service User Engagement and my daily tasks include; running educational, recreational and social activities with our residents, as well as more individual one-to-one sessions with each Service User, that focuses on developing their goals in education, training, careers or volunteering.

I run snack and learn sessions – an opportunity for the residents to gather as a group, share snacks, and learn something new. For example, we have run sessions on volunteering, nutrition, and CV tips. We even managed to use our newly acquired Amazon tablet devices to successfully complete some of the sessions. Thank you to Colm Keegan for making this happen.

I help Service Users through one-to-one, drop-in sessions and recently managed to secure a local volunteering position as a minicab driver with a local charity for one of our Service Users. There, he transported vulnerable passengers to various destinations. The Service User said that he loved the aspect of helping others that came with the position. I am currently supporting another Service User to re-apply to university, a huge milestone for anyone!

I also run recreational and social activities for our Service Users. For example, every Monday, we run a Monday Lunch Club at our main service. Here, the Service Users can help to cook and eat foods such as eggs, bacon, beans, sausages, and toast. Something as simple as cooking a meal  together, all chipping in their time to create the meal is something they reminisce about and have told me they enjoyed. We have also been on wellbeing walks for Mental Health Awareness Week, as well as on a trip to the Horniman Museum. It’s activities like these that truly help residents to gel.

I love my job here and I am incredibly motivated to support our Service Users. This is my dream job and I’m so glad that I can spend it in such a fantastic environment. SIG Equinox Lewisham has incredible line management as well as a very supportive team and culture. I am regularly inspired by how motivated and passionate our Service Users are and hope that they can look back on their experience with me as an enriching one. If they are inspired by my support with even an ounce of how much I am inspired by them it would be enough to leave me on cloud nine for a very long time.

Thus, all in all, a jam packed first three months. Long may it continue!