New Chair for Social Interest Group

Social Interest Group has announced the appointment of their new Chair, Karl Marlowe, who took up his position on the 22 March.

Karl has an extremely strong and well-established health background. He has been a Consultant Psychiatrist at East London NHS Foundation Trust for 14 years, Clinical Director in Tower Hamlets for 8 years and a Board Member of NHS Barnet CCG for 4 years. He lectures at Queen Mary University of London (medical school) and City University of London (nursing school).

His main interests & research have been in schizophrenia, addictions, offenders’ health, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the development of youth wellbeing services, clinical governance and value-based commissioning.

Karl sees his role on appointment as Chair of SIG to further develop sustainable partnership working & expertise between providers of health and social care for marginalised populations in England, under the umbrella of a well governed and innovative organisation.

He is particularly keen to grow the partnership and members in the group to ensure that innovation and good practice is not lost from the disappearance of small and medium charities.

Karl said 

“I took the position of Chair of the Social Interest Group as I believe SIG has the ambition to grow and enlarge as a partnership to support third sector, social enterprise organisations, and most importantly for working with larger populations for social good. This is in the current context of a rising demand for social & health care with less statutory resources. I understand the difficulty of small organisations and social enterprises competing with little back room resource, and SIG aims to free staff’s time to provide more high-quality care for individuals.

It is particularly exciting that the founding organisations, Penrose Options and Equinox Care have now an established working within SIG and this allows for the learning to grow at scale.

I have a strong belief in empowerment, and it is important that SIG is able to support staff and partners to achieve shared goals, and as important to provide the best place to work for all staff.”

Laura Bamford steps down as Chair after 3 years and sent this message on her departure:

“I am delighted to be handing over the post of SIG Chair to Karl Marlowe. His very wide-ranging professional expertise and healthcare knowledge of the issues many of our SUs face will be of enormous value as the Group faces up to the many challenges across the sector.  My huge thanks to everybody for their consistent support to me – I know that you will welcome Karl and under his guidance, the businesses will grow for the enduring benefit of all SIG Sus.”


For further details contact Dolores Kelly, Marketing and Communications Manager at, Tel 07969183573.

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