Equinox working with its partners in Brighton to undertake its annual Street Drinkers survey

This week sees our team in Brighton under take its annual audit of street drinking. Every 4th week of July the team walk the streets of Brighton to take a snap shot of street drinking including people who we are engaged with and those we haven’t as yet. This much needed info will to allow us to look at who’s out drinking and using substances, if are they known to services and what more can be done to support, engage or help them. We will also be able to map trends, such as the increasing presence of non-locally connected rough sleepers, and tailor support in response. This year, and as part of a wider initiative to educate the public away from sustaining begging, we are counting the number of beggars as well as street drinkers to help.

If you would like to know more about our work in Brighton or would like to know more of our approach please contact jesse.wilde@equinoxcare.org.uk

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