Penrose Roots secure Tesco’s Bags of Help funding

We are delighted to announce that Penrose Roots in Luton have received a funding boost from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative – we would like to take this opportunity to thank Tesco for this award.

Penrose Roots is an innovative project, led by Project Coordinator Samantha Smith. Penrose service users work together to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The project also provides social interaction in the fresh air, with the added benefit of physical exercise.

Brian, a Penrose Roots service user, said: “Years ago everybody had a garden, but we’ve sort of lost that. We enjoy working with the soil, then planting something and seeing it grow – especially if you can eat it afterwards. If you’re up in the allotment, there are lots of other people up here you can meet and become friends with.”

Tesco Bags of Help sees money raised by customers through the 5p bag charge go directly back into the community. Tesco received almost 5,000 applications for the scheme and have awarded grants to 1,200 projects across the country.

Luton and Dunstable residents – please vote

Penrose Roots, along with two other projects, are open to the public vote in Luton and Dunstable Tesco stores. The project with the highest public vote receives £12,000, the second placed project receives £10,000 and the third placed project receives £8,000. For all those in the Luton or Dunstable area, please visit your Tesco store, where you can vote for Penrose Roots up until Sunday 6th March.

Penrose Roots ‘Next Chapter’ video

To find out much more about Penrose Roots, please watch our video.

Penrose are a member of the Social Interest Group. To find out more about their work, visit the Penrose website.

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